Whether you use Instagram for fun or to monetize your passion, posting attractive posts that stand out is essential. In 2017, there were over 95 million images and videos exchanged every day, which equates to almost 66 thousand every minute! In addition, the number of daily users has risen since then! With an ever-changing algorithm, it’s easy for your content to be lost in the shuffle. However, having the best poster editing app is an excellent option to create stunning, beautiful posters for Instagram. Here are some fantastic methods for making your Instagram posts stand out in the feed.

Tips to stand out on Instagram

Instagram Tips

Learn Photography Basics

Before you can start using hashtags and filters, you must first capture high-quality pictures. While editing can improve the quality of your photograph and make it more aesthetically appealing, the original image is the basis for success. Lighting – Natural, diffused lighting is frequently preferable for photographs. If you’re serious about sticking out on Instagram, it’s also worth investing in a basic portable lighting setup. Stability – it is critical to keep your phone or camera steady in order to capture sharp, clear photos. For better Instagram posts and photographs, use a tripod and a timer or remote. Composition – when shooting photographs, keep the rule of thirds in mind to make them more balanced and appealing.

Make Use of Grid

Getting your photos to stand out on Instagram takes some forethought. You’ll need to think about your grid as a whole, rather than just individual photos. When someone sees your profile, your grid should work as a mosaic of your aesthetic and be structured in a way that is engaging and eye-catching.

Build a Hashtag Bundle

While having high-quality, visually attractive photography is crucial for making your images stand out on Instagram, it is only the first step. Relevant hashtags are also required to guarantee that your images are seen by the intended audience. Many inexperienced marketers make the mistake of focusing on high-traffic hashtags with over a million users. The problem is that they’re so common that you’re unlikely to get any traction on the discovery page. Instead, construct a hashtag mix that includes a handful of hashtags with over a million usage, 5-10 in the 100,000 range, and 5-10 with less than 10,000.

Use In-Feed Color Blocking

Social media sites like Instagram are based on trends. So, it’s necessary to differentiate your brand with unique Instagram posts, such as collages. In-feed color blocking is one technique to make your feed seem more professional. Just select photos with similar color schemes and publish them in blocks of 18 to 24 posts. To create dimension, you may also publish one enormous picture using numerous connected posts. This will make your profile more aesthetically appealing and attract more followers.

Consider Instagram Insights

Last, but not least, pay attention to your insights. Identify what type of content performs best. Check if the photos featuring people perform better instead of scenery photos. With the above tips, you can make engaging, attractive posts that stand out on Instagram posts.

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