Create Your Logo For Your Business

Logos serve as a mascot of your brand, visually displaying your brand’s personality and values at just a glance. A logo has a significant influence on how your customers view your business. Some brand logos that are universally appealing and look polished.

So, what is it that these ‘excellent’ logos have in common? These brands follow proven design principles to build a strong foundation before adding their own unique touches. In this blog, you will be looking at the fundamentals of effective logo design along with design tips that will help you create a catchy logo for your business.

A Good Logo Design Should Be

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

Identify your brand vibe before creating a unique logo design. Once you identified, it’s easier for you to design a logo for your business. You can check some of Posterapplab’s logo templates to get started. Our online logo maker provides a variety of free template designs that are easy to edit.

Basic Design Principles to Follow


Well-balanced logos appear more professional and polished. The right proportion of design elements will make your logo whole. Equally weighted design elements are aligned on both sides of the design. Nothing is displaced too much to either side of a center line. When your design is out of place, it might look chaotic, making it harder for the visitor to take all of the information at once.


Repetition is important as it makes it easy for users to scan and remember all the information in your logo design. The secret to employing repetition in your logo without it becoming monotonous is to use patterns with tiny variations. This might be in the form of the same text in different colors, or slightly different icons and forms.


Basically, contrast is when you add two opposing design elements together to make them stand out. It can create a wow factor in your design and grab the attention of users.

Design Tips To Follow When Creating A Logo

Define Your Brand Identity

First, understand what your brand’s personality is and what makes it unique. Then make a design choice that reflects your brand personality.

Pick Your Design Style

Now, choose the right design aesthetic that complements your brand. Pick the design elements such as colors, shapes, typography, and graphics.

Choose a Complementary Color Scheme

Your color scheme frequently means the difference between your logo going flat or exploding off the page. But how can you know which colors compliment each other in logo design? A good rule of thumb is to choose either an analogous complementary color scheme or a complementary color scheme. You can create an analogous color palette by using two colors that are adjacent to one other on the color wheel. On the other hand, you can create a complementary color scheme by using two colors opposite to each other on the color wheel.

Opt For Readable Typography

If you have the most attractive logo design but your viewers cannot read the content, then it’s unlikely to make an impact. It is critical to use legible and web-friendly typography to make your logo appear professional and polished. Furthermore, it guarantees that your message is conveyed efficiently. 

Use White Space

Using enough white space in your logo, also known as negative or blank space, is vital for establishing harmony. This simply refers to the areas of your design that do not have any visual components.

The Final Word

Creating a logo does not have to be a difficult task. It should, on the contrary, be simple! That’s where Posterapplab’s logo maker might come in handy.

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