Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is undoubtedly the most important festival in China and is celebrated for approx two weeks. On the occasion of the lunar new year, people worship ancestors, pray for good harvests, and visit their loved ones to wish them happiness and prosperity for the year ahead.

If you’re planning to throw a Chinese new year party for your family and friends, here are a few tips to turn it into an epic party:

Design Invitation Cards for Party

You can’t have a party without your loved ones. So, the first task is to invite your family, friends, relatives, and colleagues to your party. Send invitation cards to your close ones and invite them to spend this Spring festival with you.

With Posterapplab’s Poster maker, you can easily create Chinese new year invitations. Simply, browse from a wide selection of pre-built Chinese new year card templates and pick your favorite one. These templates are easy to customize with Poster editing tools.

Because it will be the Year of the Tiger, try to choose a template with a tiger motif. Alternatively, you can add your own tiger-themed photographs to make a real one-of-a-kind invitation.

Prepare Delicious Meal

It’s practically impossible not to gain weight when devouring delectable foods like pineapple tarts, spring rolls, steamboats, abalone, and roast meats.

So, when you’re prepping for the Lunar new year, create a menu of delicious foods. In Chinese culture, having far more food than you can consume represents abundance.

Plan Fun Games

After everybody has their meal, it’s time to socialize over games. You can’t go wrong with the tile-based game mahjong, which is loved by both young and elderly. If Mahjong isn’t your thing, there are lots of current games that are just as interesting.

Decorate your Party Venue

Finally, amp up your party’s atmosphere by decorating your venue. Use lanterns, red streamers, and hanging pineapples for traditional decorations. And, because it’ll be the Year of the Tiger, use decorations with tiger motifs to give an added punch. There are many tiger-themed spring couplets, stickers, banners, and other items available online.

Parting Words

Get started with Posterapplab on your Chinese New Year celebration planning! Design Chinese new year cards, dinner invitations, event flyers, and posters with the online Poster maker. Or, download the Poster app to create stunning graphics.

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